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EhMGee, Command Ban Appeal
Your OOC name (byond username): EhMGee

Your in-game name (Used most or at the time): Chris P. Jenkins, though I think I was Myriam Schaffer at the time

Your Discord username and #tag: MG#9334

Approximate Time of Ban (Give your best estimate. Used for investigation): [b]2019-11-02 20:57:18
Ban Reason/Message (Copy paste or screenshot of the ban screen with round ID, banning admin visible):

State your appeal (Please limit to 500 words or less): Firstly, it was not my sentience potion creature, Secondly, the person who was trespassing broke in less than a minute before shuttle arrival, there was no TIME to call security and in all likelihood, he was going to kill someone if he's rushing science at the last minute, either by plasmaflooding or killing a specific target directly. We all know the traitorrush strat. So, short on time, and rushing to solve the situation I just said the hivebot could kill him if it wanted. Beyond that, the first person who complained about it, Slorbin, after talking with me, retracted it because I explained that I was actively telling the hivebot NOT to shoot people all round, including him until he fire-axed me afterward.

ALSO, I'm pretty sure we were on red-alert anyways so we were already f***ing escalated anyways.
I can see that you were short on time. But you shouldn't even be jumping to killing trespassers anyways.

You start off with a non-lethal means of detainment. You need to use it and throw people out. Like any regular Head of staff member would do.

You told the hive-bot to murder someone for simply tresspassing because you assumed antag for going into science. When said player was simply trying to grab something from the RND machine. Albeit it was for an end-game BOH bomb at centcomm.

You jumped the gun with a terrible murderous order. So I believe 3 weeks is the perfect time for you to watch how other head of staff members go about only murdering in obvious self-defense situations.

Someone spooking you by walking into your department is not one of those situations.
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I DID chase them with a flash for a few moments, it was ring around the rosy in R&D and I wasn't about to be left behind because I wanted to not die while I ran to the shuttle.
Expired. Closing.
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