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Erick Stephenson, Permaing for arresting HoP
ROUND ID #: 4275
YOUR Character Name: Chris P. Jenkins
YOUR Byond Key:  EhMGee
GRIEFER Character Name: Erick Stephenson
GRIEFER Byond Key: DaddyChowderV7 (Probably, judging by the reaction)
Description of grief occurrence: After latejoining the round as a security officer with a cult presence I begin work on fixing power after arresting a few people trying to kill each other since all the engi's were either dead or converted. After fixing the power I head to the brig to recharge my stunbaton, passing the HoP. When I stop to ask the HoP if I could get AA, because it's a cult round and sec needs to get pretty much everywhere, He begins to strangle me. Naturally, when I break free I try to step away so I can apprehend him. Shortly thereafter he runs into warden's office and attacks one of the wardens who I later learn was a cultie. After attempting to brig the HoP I'm attacked by the warden and permabrigged for not releasing the HoP despite telling them that the HoP tried to strangle me. I repeatedly explained myself and why I attempted to apprehend the HoP, but to no avail. The warden then attatched an electopack to me, telling me to "dance" while repeatedly shocking me, and using lethal lasers on me after I slipped him when he tried to come in and grief me more (I did not punch, or attack him).

TL;DR Permabrigged by the warden for trying to arrest the HoP for assault. Explained myself multiple times, got repeatedly electropakked in cell for their amusement.
I was the HOP that round. I had initially began to strangle you because the AI had told my that the security officer next to me was a cultist and you had happened to be the one when I read that message so I went to detail you. The AI then said the other one so I let go of you(which you did not show in your screenshot) then went to the warden with my beton to detain them. The whole situation was a mess there but as you were arresting me I told you what was going on but you did not listen. Thankfully the detective was there to save me from you.
You do know that releasing doesn't actually show up, right? like, there's no prompt for someone letting you go. I just assumed I broke the grapple. And honestly, you had a baton so you could have just as easily NOT strangled me so I had no problems assuming you were the cultist and everyone else was wrong. Either way, I did nothing that would constitute permabrigging. As I was acting in defense of myself and the warden (and again, didn't know he was a cultist). I was planning on doing my actual job, searching you for cult items, and then letting you go after figuring the shit out, but everyone jumped to just permabrigging the person who actually did their job.
Due to server issues we do have logs since before the 14th of the month.
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