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Selfantagging Joey Steele & Chad Legpower
ROUND ID #: 4322
YOUR Character Name: Oracle
YOUR Byond Key: Furminium
GRIEFER Character Name: joey steele & chad legpower
GRIEFER Byond Key: / 
Description of grief occurrence:

joey Killed me for not liking me, it was told i am not rogue and i was talking to the devil not to be an ass, chad legpower proceeded to steal me from robo and threw me into the dumpster that went to space so i couldnt be repaired. they self antagged after making a deal with the devil.
You kept chain flashing me, later you come into my damn kitchen stealing my things on the floor, and i tell you to exit, but you dont. You then stuff me into a locker, and bring me to the gulag shuttle where you almost made it out of gulag airlock, to (i would assume, put me in lava) i would of died anyways because i had no internals mask. i dont like how Chad Legpower stole you from robo, i just wanted to stab you a few times as revenge, and make my way back to the kitchen to start cooking
Can we have a bruh moment? 

Due to server issues we do have logs since before the 14th of the month.
[Image: 8SOCkdc.gif]

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