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admin played as Greenie-Meanie used the word liggar to bypass the ban on ligger, blinded me with a screw driver and tried to kill me with a toolbox because I shoved them and "followed them" even though I was just walking around in my department trying to get tools, after I ahelped they cussed at me and immediately ick ocked calling me a crybaby and instantly resolving my ahelp (hi_im_chros) then messaged the captain as centcom to arrest me

this was also said over OOC: Caastor: admin abused this round and had centcomm send a request of my arrest for 3 minutes

"Central Command Update

greenie has served his time, you may now release him"

also put barricades at sec and told people to kill anyone that enters security that isn't already there, only greytiders were there because of a blob

Greenie-Meanie says, "Kill him if he gets through"

round id 44327 

my in game name - cuddles-and-hugs
Agree, the admin also teleported himself out of a cell when i tried to arrest him again that round, if that's not abuse then i don't know what is.
uh, greenie is not an admin, nor did an admin take control of him
[Image: lnVciyg.gif]
It would help if you provided the actual admin pm logs to back up your claim. It would speed up this process. Otherwise, another staff member had to dig through the logs to find your conversation.
[Image: unknown.png]
Whoa whoa WHOA, I was here for that round! I didn't quite understand what was going on with Greenie-Meanie as I was N.E.W.S. the Engiborg trying to catch the story!

From my side, they were in command, then they were taken to brig, then I heard "Central Command Update: greenie has served his time, you may now release him"

Not sure if they're admin or not, but something was definitely going weird that round with Greenie-Meanie.
Greenie-meanie also blinded me with a screwdriver and tried to space me for "tresspassing" into ...guess what....the medbay.

They wernt antag and it might have been a different round because it was dealt with in IC as they were bad enough to be executed in the brig which is why i didnt report it but...this is getting weird?

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