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Ophiuchus Pink the stand(?) of a miner
ROUND ID #: 4336
YOUR Character Name: Hawks-The-Eyes
YOUR Byond Key: Brille65
GRIEFER Character Name: Ophiuchus Pink (Stand(?) of some miner)
GRIEFER Byond Key: :/
Description of grief occurrence:

So i have no clue what the problem of that dude was, but he was pretty sure that he had the need to kill me. He came first into Science where he was busy dying. Me, RD and some other dudes tried to heal him. It apparently worked, then he came into Robotics and attacked me together with his ... Stand (?) Ophiuchus Pink...
He nearly killed me till he apparently got removed and i got healed...
A while then nothing happend until he came back like 5 minutes later and started to beat me again. Thanks to Nanites i did not die. Well, on the shuttle the war was still going on, but this time more vs. the borgs than against me but still.
The End-text aint said that any miner was an antag so i assume he selfantagged
We are all equal, but some are more equal than others.
I mean if he had a stand how hard would it have been for him to break into mining to steal a mining suit?
I was the RD and I was heavily involved in this situation, I took the shaft miner to science to regenerate their blood with nanites since they practically had none and the only thing keeping them alive was their necklace.

I was also there when they came back and the stand attacked you, I very explicitly remember the shaft miner saying along the lines of "fuck him up" or something similar so it definitely wasnt the stand's fault.

I wasnt sure what exactly was going on and never really got a chance to check the borg's laws before i could take a side or anything and was really interested in what that medical borg was up to since we hadnt been agreeing with how to treat the shaftminer prior to this situation and then the medical borg happened to be against the shaftminer in whatever kind of war this was.

I ended up getting that pacifist staff from the shaft miner which basically kept the fight going forever, im not even sure if anyone died from it aside from the borgs who you only had to open and reboot since my healing apparently effected them and healed during the short durations where they were offline, or maybe you just welded them fast and i missed it.
Due to server issues we do have logs since before the 14th of the month.
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