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Same borg 2x( no changed laws - hostile )
ROUND ID #: 4648
YOUR Character Name: Larry Laggsworth
YOUR Byond Key: Iosyf
GRIEFER Character Name: TB-64
GRIEFER Byond Key: carsoneagle
Description of grief occurrence: Was cleaning evac and bringing fresh medibots to whomever needed them - I see a cleanborg (TB-64) - I fix it up - it starts a conversation - starts dissing me - starts hitting me - I fight back with a beartrap - it runs away - It states laws ( no abnormal/aggressive laws ) - CMO comes and disables the defective rust bucket - after a new body is made for the borg with the same name (TB-64 - now a sec borg) - EVAC arrives - I clean it up - I fix the engie borg and the sec borg (TB-64) - borg stuns and cuffs me - then proceeds to open up the doors so that the oxygen from the shuttle is removed - TB-64 at this time ( again ) had no abnormal laws.

Please role ban this person from Silicon.
EDIT: ( For like 3-6 weeks - and tell em how to properly play silicon with the banned from role message - if there is one. Thanks)
Thanks, looked at it. Closed.

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