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Ochropleura Lucida delaying a shitty round for way to long
ROUND ID #: 4669
YOUR Character Name:
YOUR Byond Key: Guillaume Prata
GRIEFER Character Name: Ochropleura Lucida
GRIEFER Byond Key: Tyrannusomega

Description of grief occurrence: Now I will start by saying that Ochropleura Lucida was the CE and a Traitor, goals where to Steal the AI (me) and the captain gun, we had no Captain and I asked if anyone wanted to be acting captain, CE said nothing and the CMO accepted, it could be a easy goal for him, the captain gun was taken by the Acting Captain Joey Steele when he was the acting Captain, when the Captain arrived Joey left his gun ALONE in his room and said in command, CE could easily Jaws of Life in and take it, nope, I'm not even sure if the Captain ever went to take his gun there.

For his AI goal he tried to do some atmos sabotage to say I was malf and card me, which worked because I let him card me, but then he just returned me to my core.

Station goes to shit with a power sink the CE bought, which I think is a item that would not help him achieve neither of his goals, we had a pile of uncloned corpses at medbay, people getting trapped in rooms all over the place without crowbars, we had a total of 103 fukkin power alarms on the station and 34 atmos alarms, the SM was turning into a singulo but my borgs managed to fix this and while this was all going the CE recalled twice and would probably do again if he didnt carded me while I was being transported around and I had to order my borg to kill him because he was either a traitor or a dumb self antag doing Grand sabotage by recalling the shuttle keep playing.

Now I know he was a antag and all, but I have heard time and time again that antags are supposed to Move the round foward and make it interresting, not to abuse its antag status to make the round miserable for others while they chase a greentext, which is what happened here.
yeah.. the guy never asked for the gun, nor did he even "stalk" me for a chance to kill me for it
Can we have a bruh moment? 

Looked into it. Closed.

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