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Ashwalker "I am not a crew member ssso i can do alot of ssshit and get away with it"
ROUND ID #: 4669
YOUR Character Name:
YOUR Byond Key: Guillaume Prata
GRIEFER Character Name: Deesei-Nuralq
GRIEFER Byond Key: No idea, wasnt a antag for me to check easily

Description of grief occurrence: Deesei was a ashwalker, he started to meme into comms, when the SM was delaming he was at the station with clown gear, insuls and was messing around it at engineering, later I was taken to Lavaland as AI because the station had no power, not even my satellite, and my borg thought it would be the best place to stay until the shuttle arrived, Deesei was there, we meme back and forth about lavaland being Nanotrasen property and that I'm friendly to the ashwalkers since I'm a nanotrasen slave until the shuttle docks with the station.
When my borg start taking me to the mining shuttle so we go back up and evac he suddently rushed us and suicide welderbomb, then pushes us under the shuttle and gibs both me and the borg and then dies too.

I know Ashwalkers are antag, but they have a goal, feed the tendril and rise in number, he instead used the ashwalker role to kill people on the station, which I was told time and time again that they are not supposed to go there, even less if they arent killing people for the tendril, and in the end killed 2 Silicons that where friendly to him and as far as I know cant even be sacrificed to make new eggs.
ah yes.. ashwalker, the a ghost role that gets to respawn, and fuck the station up
Can we have a bruh moment? 

I'll try to look into this
The appropriate parties have been dealt with, have a nice day~
[Image: unknown.png]
Resolved. Closing.
[Image: pj5gW9D.jpg][Image: WpsktR5.png]

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