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Ban Appeal- Framed for making meth grenades
ooc name: Smokedguy420
in game name: Blunt Lee
time of ban: 12/3/19 14:26:10
Ban Id: #6029

"Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection is banned from playing here. The ban reason: Made a ton of meth grenades and left them unlabeled. leading to multiple people using them throughout the round. Round ID 4676 applied by Patrick10ghost on 12/3/19 and banned for a week"

I never made a single meth grenade that round, in fact I was one of the multiple people that found one and unlabeled and used it, if you wanted to ban me for igniting an unknown grenade in the bar, sure go ahead, but don't fucking frame me for a crime i didn't do.


Edit: I see the person who banned me Patrick10ghost has a complaint on the ban thread for not responding to ahelps and not investigating any of his claims or if the player was a antag or not, I wasn't an antag but I also did not make no meth grenades and i certainly didn't plant any around unlabeled, so if Pat or another admin can check the logs that would be great.
Shoot, sorry dude. I must have grabbed the wrong name for that one. Yeah, you were the one who blew up the bar, not the one who made all the nades. I'll get someone to fix this asap.
Bottom Text
It's fine my dude, I just didn't like that i was getting punishied for the wrong thing

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